What We Offer?

Be a part of the Proven Famous Amos Success


Famous Amos® operates stores world-wide and has enjoyed success and growth in every market it operates in.,. It has a 35 years proven track record of success no matter which country its set up in. This allows you to create your Famous Amos® success story – after all, why take chances with un-proven businesses?

Here is what our licensee program offers:

The World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie!
Famous Amos® Cookies has won international acclaim as the world’s best chocolate chip cookie . So unique it spun the birth of an entire new industry! Made from a secret recipe, Famous Amos® Cookies are special – crisp, nutty, and richly flavoured at just the right size!

Comprehensive Product Range
The legendary Famous Amos® Cookies are available in 9 flavors, and comes in a fully-mixed, frozen and convenient, ready to use format. Our signature products includes Cookies, Specialty Cookies, Soft “N” Chewy Cookies and Cookie Cakes which are widely known for its irresistible aroma and exceptional taste. All fresh from the ovens - baked daily and served at each of our retail locations.


o Chocolate Chip Pecan
o White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
o Chocolate Chip Macadamia
o Macadamia
o Butterscotch Chip Pecan
o Chocolate White Chocolate Chip
o No Nut Chocolate Chip
o Oatmeal Raisins
o Double Chocolate Chip Pecan


Appealing Gift Designs
In addition to packaging which caters for immediate consumption, as well as larger family size packs, Famous Amos® design team continuously roll out new designs that are appealing for the gift giving market. Famous Amos® Gift Tins, Hampers and Products have since become a gift to be treasured by the one who receives and a pleasure for the one who gives.  


International Brand Recognition

The name and trademark, Famous Amos® speaks for itself! Famous Amos® is not only famous but is widely known and has a high recall rate world-wide. Today, the name Famous Amos® is synonymous with its unrivalled position, high quality, freshly baked and irresistible taste of its chocolate chip cookies.

Ease of Operation
The minimal space required, the fool-proof dough preparation and ease of getting perfectly baked Famous Amos® cookies each time, without the need for experienced bakers makes operating a Famous Amos® store easy and cost effective.

September 20, 2018, 5:16 pm